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Getting stoned in Australia could just get easier

AUSTRALIA has already approved medicinal cannabis to provide relief for those suffering from six types of chronic illnesses, and it may soon be legalised as a recreational drug. Experts claim it is only a matter of time before it becomes available as an over the counter purchase, but first, a few things need to happen. In the two years since medicinal cannabis was legalised in Australia, 1059 patients have received approval for treatment, and while […]

Cannabinoid mice trial gives hope for treating pancreatic cancer patients

A naturally occurring cannabinoid could provide hope for pancreatic cancer patients after breakthrough research by Curtin University found it strongly enhanced the effectiveness of the chemotherapy drug Gemcitabine in mice. Scientists at Curtin and Queen Mary University of London tested the impact the naturally occurring cannabinoid ‘Cannabidiol’ had on the use of Gemcitabine as a treatment for pancreatic cancer in mice. Lead author Curtin University Professor Marco Falasca said the the research indicated the mice, whose form of the […]

That Purple Kush You’re Toking may just be a Genetic Imposter

Cannabis strain names can get a bit rather quirky (Lamb’s Bread, anyone?). But without them, patients that rely on marijuana to treat ailments like pain would be lost. If you want to treat seizures, you might want ACDC—a strain that expresses almost zero THC and very high CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid—and stay away from the potentially panic-inducing Ghost OG, which verges on 25 percent THC. Unfortunately, there isn’t an official federal database with information about […]

Here is Why No Fancy Gadget Can Prove How Stoned or High You Are

Marijuana is such a confounding drug that scientists and law enforcement are struggling to create an objective standard for marijuana intoxication. If you’ve spent time with marijuana—any time at all, really—you know that the high can be rather unpredictable. It depends on the strain, its level of THC and hundreds of other compounds, and the interaction between all these elements. Oh, and how much you ate that day. And how you took the cannabis. And […]

Meth, coke and oil: A drug bonanza in the Texas shale patch USA.

MIDLAND, Texas (Reuters) – When Joe Forsythe returned to the West Texas oilfields last year after a stint in a drug rehab facility, he figured he had beaten his addiction to methamphetamine. The 32-year-old rig worker and equipment handler lasted about a year before relapsing. “It’s easy to get back into that mentality,” said Forsythe, of Midland, Texas, who said he no longer uses drugs after several stints in rehab since 2015. “I’d work 24 […]

Is cannabis/marijuana/pot the breakfast of champions?

While factors like state tax revenue and government control are all important in the national debt on whether or not to legalize marijuana, the question at the core of the issue is whether or not the drug is good for the public’s health. Conflicting information has given both sides of the debate fuel, leaving investors to wonder whether or not marijuana legalization is a real possibility. Medical Benefits Drug companies like GW Pharmaceuticals GWPH and […]

Scientists put their finger on why cannabis makes you want to eat more

Smoking pot tends to make the user hungry. Now neuroscientists say they know why.  Why does smoking marijuana give people the munchies? Researchers at Yale University got dozens of lab mice stoned in order to find out. Previous scientific studies (and anecdotal evidence) show that when people and animals are exposed to the active ingredients in marijuana they are driven to eat long after they should feel full. “Everyone knows that if you smoke dope […]


“Congratulations, you’re pregnant”: A male Egyptian bus driver was left flabbergasted. (File picture.) Photo: Wikimedia Commons An Egyptian bus driver was left flaggergasted after using his wife’s urine in a bid to avoid a mandatory drugs test, only to be told by officials: “Congratulations. You’re pregnant.” Employees from the General Transport Authority were asked to submit a urine sample for the drugs test. The driver possibly knew he was going to return a positive reading, […]


  Forget long questionnaires – just two questions are enough for doctors to determine if a patient is abusing alcohol. The University of Leicester in the UK analysed the results of 17 studies and found that asking “how often do you have six or more drinks on one occasion” and “as a result of your drinking or drug use, did anything happen in the last year that you wish didn’t happen”, was enough to accurately […]


How to help pass a drug test by using home test kit first to avoid surprises AAA Henry Sapiecha

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