Senior Motorbike Gang Member Charged after a Meth Drug Lab was Discovered in a Disused Bus

The national sergeant-at-arms of the Finks outlaw motorcycle gang has been arrested after police raids uncovered more than 85kg of drugs, hydrogen chloride gas cylinders and a clandestine crystal meth drug lab in a disused bus on a rural property in NSW. Martin Klein, 35, was arrested by Strike Force Creswell investigators early on Wednesday evening after he attended a storage cage in residential car park in Kellyville Ridge that was the subject of a […]

For the moment, Australia’s plans for Marijuana market dominance are only just still smouldering

SYDNEY (Reuters) – When Australia said this month it would allow exports of medicinal cannabis in a bid to dominate a global market set to be worth $55 billion by 2025, investors scrambled to buy shares in marijuana companies – pushing several of them, and the sector as a whole, to record highs. But convoluted and restrictive licensing demands, substantial finance requirements and a guarded medical profession means even Australia’s largest marijuana companies are at […]

It is legal to import but illegal to use – the drug flooding our streets .Read here…

Tonight hundreds of people in Melbourne’s nightclubs will each spend about $15 to buy a little soy sauce fish satchel containing a clear liquid with the intention of getting high. Some of them will wake (if they are lucky) in hospital casualty wards with no idea how they got there. The odds are that in another bar a woman will sip from a drink spiked with the same clear liquid (usually blended with cordial to […]


ooo Warning — Flammable Gasses are, um, Flammable: Hash oil is made by using butane to extract THC from marijuana. Kevin Tveisme, in his late 20s, and Joseph Westom, 35, were doing just that in a garage in Gresham, Ore., when the butane vapors ignited, creating a blast that killed Westom and left Tveisme with burns over 50 percent of his body. Tveisme, who is legally allowed to make hash oil because he has a […]