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Homelessness, sex and drugs: Find out about life of a highly educated ice addict

Once an inmate owns a syringe in a NSW Auatralian prison it becomes like a “library card with people lining up to use it”, an inquiry into the drug ice has heard. Identified only as Mr PG, the highly-educated former prisoner who worked on the movies Babe and Star Wars, said his life fell apart in his 40s. This triggered a four-year cycle of depression, homelessness, sex and drug use, including ice (crystal methamphetamine). Within […]

Cannabinoid mice trial gives hope for treating pancreatic cancer patients

A naturally occurring cannabinoid could provide hope for pancreatic cancer patients after breakthrough research by Curtin University found it strongly enhanced the effectiveness of the chemotherapy drug Gemcitabine in mice. Scientists at Curtin and Queen Mary University of London tested the impact the naturally occurring cannabinoid ‘Cannabidiol’ had on the use of Gemcitabine as a treatment for pancreatic cancer in mice. Lead author Curtin University Professor Marco Falasca said the the research indicated the mice, whose form of the […]

Online illegal drug sales boom despite Silk Road closure: Reports Global Drug Survey

Global Drug Survey: E-cigarette use doubles Global Drug Survey: The key to cutting booze More people are buying recreational drugs such as ecstasy and cocaine online, partly because it is much cheaper than buying them on the street, where the price of drugs in Australia is more than double the global average. You’ve still got immensely expensive drugs in Australia. Survey founder Adam Winstock An international survey on drug habits has detected a rapid increase over […]

Peyote cactus not only discourages hunger and thirst and restores one’s spirit but also heals wounds and prevents infection is a drug of choice for the Amercican indian

Peyote, the cactus hallucinogen locals in Mexico deem sacred. Ceramic snuffing pipe with a deer holding a peyote in its mouth Monte Alban 500 BC (Schultes & Hofmann 1979). 5: The Little Deer and the Keys to the Golden Gates Fray Bernadino de Sahagun estimated from Indian chronology that peyote had been known to the Chichimeca and Toltec at least 1890 years before the arrival of the Europeans. This is confirmed by the find of […]

Fighting Drug Addiction and Winning by 20 Celebs! See who they are here.

Let these celeb. examples of success stories drive you to win the war with drug addiction & dependence. Celebs and drug addictions are like bread and peanut butter. They go together but at one point they will either cut the bad habit and transfer to yoga or… they’ll eventually make a band about pizza. There is also the infamous 27 club that has taken too much lives already. Money, publicity and too many temptations usually […]

Drug searches: thousands falsely identified by sniffer dogs

POLICE DOG DRUG BUSTS ARE DUDS STUDY REVEALS DRUG DOG GRAPH CHART SHOWS YOU THE PICTURE HERE Police sniffer dogs at work at St Peters station.Sydney Australia. Photo: Janie Barrett The figures also reveal the searches are not spread evenly across the city, with people at  Redfern train station far more likely to be searched than those at Central or Kings Cross stations, even though Redfern searches are less likely to identify drugs. Greens MP David […]

Big seizures of illicit drugs do not lead to less crime or drug use, report shows

Big haul: A portion of the 585 kilograms of the drug known as “ice” seized in Sydney last year. Take the 2015 Global Drug Survey Large-scale seizures of heroin, cocaine and amphetamines by police do not reduce the number of overdoses or arrests for possession and use of the drugs, according to the largest Australian study ever conducted into the area. The study by the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOCSAR) also found […]


As the state’s drug squad commander, it causes him sleepless nights. As a father, it breaks his heart. Detective Superintendent Tony Cooke has witnessed first-hand the devastating impact ice is having on today’s younger generation. It frustrates him that so many teenagers downplay its risks, even over a short period of use. “Kids who should be getting ready for some of their brightest, most enjoyable years are getting hooked on Ice, and it is controlling […]

Extensive UK study does research on the long-term effects of Ecstasy usage

Ecstasy use is widespread in the dance music & disco scenes worldwide February 13, 2009 Ecstasy use is widespread across the globe, and has been for more than 20 years now. If you haven’t used it yourself, chances are that several of your acquaintances have – and it’s recognized as an integral part of the rave and nightclub scenes. While there are occasional deaths and more frequent hospitalizations related to Ecstasy use, some argue that […]


BEIJING: A number of Australians are facing the death penalty in China after being charged with serious drug offences. The Department of Foreign Affairs said an unspecified number of Australians had been detained, but it would not reveal any further detail on specific cases. “We are aware that a number of Australians have been detained in China on serious drug charges,” it said. “These individuals are receiving appropriate consular assistance.” Government sources would not say how […]

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