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Over a Dozen Babies in Spain Developed ‘Werewolf Syndrome’ from Drug Mix-Up

Parents panicked when their babies grew a thick layer of hair. Parents in Spain started panicking this summer when 17 children and babies mysteriously came down with hypertrichosis, or “werewolf syndrome,” a condition in which their bodies and faces became covered in a dense layer of hair, according to news reports. “My boy’s forehead, cheeks, arms, legs and hands filled with hair. He had an adult’s eyebrow,” √Āngela Selles, the mother of 6-month-old baby Uriel, […]

How to turn cannabis into a legal drug

Turning cannabis into a legal drug GW Pharmaceutials has been making medicine from cannabis for more than a decade Confused & perplexed about how a British drug maker can legally sell a drug made from cannabis in several countries around the world? We reveal it all here… Step One: Get a scientific theory Scientists believe that the cannabis plant contains hundreds of compounds, or cannabinoids, that hold medicinal properties. To date, around 60 of these […]