Senior Motorbike Gang Member Charged after a Meth Drug Lab was Discovered in a Disused Bus

The national sergeant-at-arms of the Finks outlaw motorcycle gang has been arrested after police raids uncovered more than 85kg of drugs, hydrogen chloride gas cylinders and a clandestine crystal meth drug lab in a disused bus on a rural property in NSW.

Martin Klein, 35, was arrested by Strike Force Creswell investigators early on Wednesday evening after he attended a storage cage in residential car park in Kellyville Ridge that was the subject of a police search warrant.

One of the most senior members of the Finks outlaw motorcycle gang has been charged after police raids uncovered drugs and firearms.

The raids, which stretched from Sydney’s inner west to Tarago, just outside of Goulburn, uncovered 17.4kg of methylenedioxyamphetamine (MDA) pills, 1.7kg of powder, believed to be cocaine; and more than 67kg of powders, believed to be MDA, illicit drugs, and assorted precursors.

By Thursday afternoon, search warrants had been executed at the storage cage, a unit in the same complex, a home in Beaumont Hills, a local business in Drummoyne and a property outside of Torago, where a clandestine laboratory was located in a disused bus.

Police also seized two firearms, a silencer, and ammunition, as well as a .38 colt six-shot revolver, encrypted mobile phones, a hydrogen chloride gas cylinder, and various documentation.

Klein, one of the most senior members of the Finks bikie gang, was refused bail at Bankstown Local Court on Thursday, charged with large commerical drug supply and 15 firearms offences.

The raids followed an ongoing investigation into the importation, manufacture and supply of prohibited drugs, and included police from the Criminal Groups Squad’s Strike Force Raptor and the Drug and Firearms Squad’s Toxic Chemical Operations Division.

The 35-year-old was arrested at a storage cage in a car park in Kellyville Ridge

Photo: NSW Police

Detective Superintendent Deb Wallace, commander of the Criminal Groups Squad, said the powder seized from the properties was enough to produce “conservatively, 200,000 individual pills, at an estimated street value of $4 million.”

This was in addition to the 17kg of already pressed pills seized by investigators.

Ms Wallace said the raids were “contemporaneous” to another investigation addressing a dispute between the Finks and rival bikie gang, the Nomads.


A clandestine drug lab located on a property at Tarago, near Goulburn.

Photo: NSW Police

“In dealing with the conflict between these outlaw motorcycle gangs and other criminal groups, we go straight to the cause of these conflicts, which is usually turf, money owed, drugs,” she said.

“So taking out the catalyst for these disputes is often a way of resolving them for the public interest.”

It is not the first time a high-ranking member of the Finks OMCG has faced charges this year.

In February a North Wollongong court heard 34-year-old Tony Fornaciari was accused of using his senior position in the club’s south coast chapter to direct fellow gang members and associates in criminal activity, notably hard drug deals.


Inside the drug lab on the disused bus.

Photo: NSW Police

It was alleged Fornaciari had in possession 189 grams of the drug ice when police raided the North Wollongong NSW warehouse, which they believe was planned to become the gang’s clubhouse.

At the time Fornaciari was refused bail after an agressive outburst in court prompted a magistrate to decide he was too agitated & aggressive to make an application.

He will front the Wollongong NSW local court on March 21.


Seizures from the raids by Strike Force Creswell. NSW Australia.

In November of 2017 another Finks member, 22-year-old Jesse Johnston, was met by Australian Border Force officials at Sydney Airport, & was told his entry was being denied and he was hence deported to his native New Zealand.

Johnston, who denied his membership in the gang, was attempting to travel to the Central Coast, NSW where it is understood he held a senior position in the gang’s Newcastle bikie gang chapter.

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