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News of late has shown that the use of marijuana has increased sexual activity as opposed to increasing the amount of individual smoking marijuana or increased munchies.  There seems to be an increase of 20% more sexual activity as opposed to those who are practicing abstinence from using cannabis.

The medicine institution at the University Stanford have shown some sort connection between the frequency of intercourse and that of users of marijuana.  They study individuals from ages of 25 up to 45 and had over 50,000 take part in the analysis.  They were basically given a survey where they were asked how many times they had intercourse in the past month and how much weed they smoked. Females who were daily users of marijuana had an average of close to seven times more sexual activities than that of the other group.  For men it is close to also 7 times more.

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Supposedly it was suggested that they smoked after the hookup but researchers have shown that it didn’t matter as it involved all people of different backgrounds and income as well as religion or if they were single or had kids or married. Basically it didn’t matter what your background was, there was just an increase of intercourse when a person smokes marijuana frequently.

There are a few theories as to why people are having more intercourse but nothing quite substantial has yet been proven.

Recent surveys across the nation have Americans leading towards legalizing the use of marijuana. Percentage is suggesting 65% in favour to legalize it.

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