Olivia Newton-John: Of Grease Movie fame. “Neutron Bomb” How marijuana is helping her beat cancer

OLIVIA Newton-John was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1992 after finding a lump during a self-examination. She had a partial mastectomy and chemotherapy, and her treatment lasted almost a year.

This time Newton-John was diagnosed with metastatic cancer, meaning the cancer in her bone was the same cancer she had suffered so long ago. It is a serious diagnosis, but that doesn’t mean the disease can’t be beaten or managed like a chronic illness, the Daily Telegraph reports.

“I use medicinal cannabis, which is really important for pain and healing,” she says. “It’s a plant that has been maligned for so long, and has so many abilities to heal.”

Newton-John says she will champion its use in Australia, where medicinal use was allowed by the federal government earlier this year, but obtaining the necessary permission – as well as the cannabis itself – is still a long, complicated process and can vary state to state.

Henry Sapiecha

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