Uruguay South America Begins Legal Recreational Marijuana Sales, Finally!

Published on Jul 20, 2017

Let’s see who’s first in line for some legal weed in Uruguay.

Nearly four years after Uruguay became the first country to legalize recreational marijuana sales, the nation’s pharmacies have finally begun to actually sell cannabis to customers.

So far, about 5,000 citizens that make up the nation’s population of 3.5 million have registered as consumers at the 16 pharmacies currently dispensing the product.

The process involves fingerprint scanning for every purchase so a customer may not exceed the monthly limit of 40 grams.

Sad note: the weed is for residents only, so tourists should not apply.

Five-gram sealed packets sell for about $6.50 each. That’s ridiculously cheap compared to legal weed in Colorado, where a single gram can cost up to $25.

Uruguay has intentionally set a rock-bottom price to undercut the black market and keep the industry well-regulated, while leading the way in a new approach to drug policy.

We’ll have what Uruguay is smoking.

Henry Sapiecha

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