Carfentanyl: Highly toxic synthetic drug detected in Brisbane Qld Australia

QUEENSLAND police and health professionals have issued an urgent warning after a deadly drug that is roughly 10,000 time as potent as morphine was detected in the state.

The highly toxic and potent synthetic based drug is called Carfentanyl and a small dose of just 0.002mg is enough to kill a person.

Australian Border Force intercepted the drug at a Brisbane mail centre.

Detective Superintendent Jon Wacker said the drug was relatively new in Australia, with only one other confirmed detection in Sydney in December last year.

“A small dose has the capacity to kill — this is not a drug anyone should be taking a risk with,” he said.

“Make no mistake, these are not party drugs. These are dangerous drugs and it’s not a matter of if it will kill you. This drug will kill you.”


What is Fentanyl

Superintendent Wacker said it was not yet known how the drug might be sold.

“It is unclear how it would be marketed here, whether sold in its pure form or mixed with other drugs and sold as the latest hook,” he said.

Queensland Police Minister Mark Ryan said the Government would be working closely with police to ensure the drug was kept off the streets.

“The fact that this illegal drug has been located in Queensland is very concerning, and together with the police, we are urging people to not take any risks at all with this illicit drug,” he said.

Carfentanyl is commonly used as a tranquilliser for large animals, including elephants.

Anyone who comes into contact with the drug on their skin or eyes is also at very great risk.

Police and ABF officers are working to identify the origin of the drug

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