Hey There Little Buddie: The group “ResponsibleOhio” has put Issue 3 on Ohio’s ballot to legalize marijuana sales in the state, but many Ohio residents are unhappy with the group’s choice of marketing. Their new mascot, “Buddie”, has a marijuana bud for a head, six-pack abs, and wears a cape.

cannabis child image

Buddie is part of ResponsibleOhio’s “Green Rush Bus Tour” that is traveling the state promoting the legislation on college campuses. The group claims their legislation will make the state safer by keeping marijuana out of the hands of children. “ResponsibleOhio has placed a lot of emphasis on the 21 and over piece of their amendment but then comes out with a mascot styled after a superhero?” complains Ohioans Against Marijuana Monopolies spokeswoman Jen Detwiler. “It’s a pretty shameless attempt to entice young people.” Theresa Daniello, spokeswoman for Ohio Families CANN, also points out how inappropriate the kid-friendly character is considering many Ohioans want cannabis for medical treatment. “You would not dress up a Percocet or benzodiazepine or any of the other medications these children are on for their medical care,” she said. (MS/Cleveland Plain Dealer) …First Joe the Camel, then Buddie the Bud. Next up: Percy the Percocet.


Henry Sapiecha

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