Man vows he won’t stop smoking pot despite jail sentence

Maryborough's Gordon Skippen was sentenced to a four month suspended sentence for possessing cannabis,image

TO BE BLUNT: Maryborough’s Qld. Australia Gordon Skippen was sentenced to a four month suspended sentence for possessing cannabis, but he says he will continue to self medicate to ease the pain of his terminal liver cancer.

A TERMINALLY ill Maryborough man will almost certainly serve time in jail if he is caught in possession of cannabis again.

But Gordon Shane Skippen, 57, has vowed he will not stop smoking cannabis, which he says eases the pain of his terminal liver cancer.

Mr Skippen appeared before Maryborough Magistrates Court on Monday morning, charged with a number of drug-related offences, including possessing or publishing instructions for dangerous drugs and possession of dangerous drugs and utensils.

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Mr Skippen pleaded guilty to the charges, but told the Chronicle he felt that coming after a terminally ill man was a waste of police time and resources.

Do you think this is a good use of police resources?

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Mr Skippen was given a four month suspended prison sentence and a two-year good behaviour bond by Magistrate John Smith.

That means any offence committed by Mr Skippen could land him behind bars.

But Mr Skippen said he was not worried about going to prison.

Mr Skippen said it was confusing that he was allowed to use morphine, a drug that he felt was doing his body great harm, but he wasn’t allowed to use cannabis, which he felt eased his pain, restored his appetite and enabled him to sleep.

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  • peter1954Maryborough 6 hours ago
    There has to be a point when smoking, to be discreet and well mannered, there also has to be a point where common sense is used to stop wasting money on fines, or does SPER’s not mind,


  • E-MeterCurrumbin 6 hours ago 1 reply
    The law is effectively prepared to jail a man for self medicating with cannabis. This is de-evolution at it’s finest. Apparently it’s better for the tax payer to fund this man’s potential incarceration, whereas they could let him stay at home not harming anyone but himself for free. That’s the definition of a backward society.


    EarthlingMackay 4 hours ago
    Oh Yes.
    But the definition of a backward society is way more obvious than that.
    A grown man putting on a wig and wearing a dress, and then everyone else having to call him “YOUR HONOUR!”

    Then there’s the fact that addictive, dangerous and toxic tobacco and alcohol is condoned, used and celebrated by our Authority figures, when a know non physically addictive easy to grow and use medicine is being used to create a black market.
    That’s insane, deranged, and backward, and pretty much every word in the dictionary that means the same.

    We live on a rock travelling out of control around a massive thermo nuclear reaction, with unknown rocks and comets falling from the sky threatening to kill us at anytime and anywhere, and yet we have time to play games called “Court and Jail”

    We are all prisoners of Earth, placing someone into a cage within a cage only separates them from the silliness, if anything Jail is the more sane place to be?


  • Joe_SmithMaroochydore 6 hours ago 1 reply
    Don’t like the law? – Then lobby to get the law changed.


    DILLIGAFFBundamba 2 hours ago
  • know_it_allKallangur 5 hours ago
    How would sending this man to jail stop him from smoking his pot?
    he would probably be able to get it much cheaper inside,and possibly better grade which would be demanded by the boys inside.


  • jj_jj12Point Vernon 5 hours ago 1 reply
    This man should be left alone to use cannabis as a healthier option rather have to pharmaceutical drugs like morphine. Police can free up resources and focus on the real problems like methamphetamines, alcohol and domestic violence matters. Time for people’s rights to return. End Prohibition.


    liquorSpringfield Central 2 hours ago
    Domestic Violence is a civil matter not a criminal matter so should not even be a police matter. It is only criminal if an order is breached.


  • MisanthropismOakhurst 5 hours ago
    Best use of governemnt resources ever! This is why the whole drug prohibition paradigm fails every time and in every country. Let’s get people who are in pain and cause them more pain! That will learn the blighters eh?
    I simply cannot believe how stupid some of our laws are.


  • rustgoldAustralia 4 hours ago 2 replies
    What I don’t understand, is if pot actually did good, why it wouldn’t be refined into a medication.


    DILLIGAFFBundamba 2 hours ago
    Because its illegal, no one suggested that the decision not to use the drug to treat people had any basis in common sense.


    John GreyAustralia 2 hours ago
    It can be and is, rustgold – but it hasn’t been made legal by the government yet.


  • tstevensWoowoonga 4 hours ago
    According to a report I read in the 80’s marijuana effects the logical thinking of advanced users.
    Had this person used the drug in any way other than smoking it, he’d probably have a good case, and could well have been healthier.
    But smoking anything is a carcinogen, and enough of it only feeds the problem.
    Then again, considering how seriously ill this man is, probably better he live out his limited life in a smoke haze of whatever he fancies.


  • Bert-TRedbank Plains 4 hours ago
    With an Ice epidemic on our hands maybe the QLD govt should think about following the lead of some of the USA states and allow pot to be legalised or at the least decriminalised like ACT and SA This would alleviate some of the overcrowding in Queensland jails saving some of the State’s budget and raise revenue from new taxes if it was distributed like alcohol or cigarettes. For far too long have pot dealers been getting away with earning dollars and not paying tax. The last thing criminal organisations dealing in pot want is for the law to change because the bottom will fall out of their market.


  • GregW37011Australia 3 hours ago
    The Maryborough police force probably find it easier to meet their arrest quotas by targeting terminally ill cancer patients rather than going after real crims who can afford good lawyers… Congratulations for making a sick man’s life more difficult…
    Well done chaps!


  • DILLIGAFFBundamba 2 hours ago
    Leave the poor bugger alone ! Let us stop wasting our limited resources on this drug and concentrate on class A drugs now !



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