Panic over new legal high drug which ‘turns people into zombies’ Alpha PVP-[Flakka]

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People are panicking about a new legal high which is said to ‘turn people into zombies’ – and which can cause violent and insane behaviour.

Police have said that Alpha-PVP, aka Flakka, is sweeping through Florida at a speed which resembles the crack cocaine boom of the early Eighties.

Florida Sun-Sentinel columnist Daniel Vasquez says, ‘It is a dangerous designer drug that turns people into zombies, and the psychological effects could be permanent.

‘Oh, and flakka is sweeping across South Florida like nothing seen before or since the crack cocaine wave.

The drug, a powerful synthetic stimulant called Alpha-PVP, has been linked to several deaths and bizarre incidents – including one where a man attempted to have sex with a tree.

Some websites are offering it for sale for £19 a gram in the UK, advertising its effects as ‘euphoria, stimulation and increased concentration.’

‘They strip off their clothes and run outdoors, acting very violent with adrenaline-surged strength,’ said Jim Hall of the Applied Research on Substance Use and Health Disparities at Nova Southeastern University in Broward County, Florida.

‘It can take four or more cops to hold them down.’

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In a recent incident, a man high on ‘flakka’ was arrested after being Tasered twice by police who caught him having sex with a tree.

Kenneth Crowder, 41, is also alleged to have attacked a police officer and claimed he was God while running naked through a neighbourhood in Melbourne, Florida.

A woman who called emergency services also said he tried to suck his own penis.

When police first arrived at the scene they said he had jeans and a T-shirt on. He walked over to them, according to a police report, and they Tasered him twice, but he pulled the probes out both times.

He then said he was Thor and tried to use an officer’s badge to stab him before other officers arrived to help.

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