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Opposition leader Mark McGowan supports the introduction of medical marijuana for those with terminal illnesses.

Removing time limits that stop child sex abuse cases going to court and legalising medicinal marijuana have been proposed by West Australian Labor leader Mark McGowan at the state branch’s annual conference.

Mr McGowan told the party faithful on Sunday that he wanted to give the judiciary power to grant exemptions under the Statute of Limitation in cases of child sexual abuse.

“Statutory time limits should not be a barrier to justice,” he said.

“The fact these crimes may have happened many years ago makes them no less reprehensible,”

Mr McGowan also spoke of a young man in his Rockingham electorate who slowly died of a terminal illness in a nursing home, saying he was wasting away in pain and sought relief through cannabis.

“It was the only thing that helped him cope,” he said.

“His experience affected my attitudes to the medical prescription of cannabis.

“I want to allow pharmaceutical or medicinal cannabis to be prescribed under the strict supervision of a medical practitioner for the relief of pain, vomiting, nausea and poor appetite in terminally or chronically ill people.

“Why should anyone suffer in agony if there’s another way to relieve their pain? “I make it absolutely clear: this would be strictly controlled and monitored.”

Mr McGowan stressed he was against recreational cannabis.

On Saturday, the branch passed reforms that give ordinary members greater say in pre-selections and determining the leader.

The changes come after controversial Senate candidate and union stalwart Joe Bullock shunted Louise Pratt from the top of the party’s ticket in the re-run election.

He didn’t win a seat and she lost hers.

“I congratulate everyone here for embracing change – it’s a big step in the right direction,” Mr McGowan said.

Read more: http://www.watoday.com.au/wa-news/medical-cannabis-on-wa-labors-agenda-20140706-zsy2o.html#ixzz36g8mg6M9

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