It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. The world was marred by war and corruption. But everyone was high as hell and having great sex. Right?

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Apparently, cannabis-infused lubricant, the new hotness in the sex toys game, won’t get dudes high ‘cos the penis isn’t as absorbent as the vagina. But if you’re a lady, lather it on. Or don’t, because it costs $88 for a tiny bottle. But like, try it, y’know? Feel it out. Ride the wave.

It’s called Foria (as in ‘euphoria’ probably) and creator Matthew Gerson insists that it’s the real deal:

“Women report a sense of embodiment, a sense of dropping into a more full relationship to sexual sensations, and sensations around the body. As you can imagine, as that builds up to orgasm, if orgasm is a part of your experience, then that can lead to intensification and a more full body experience.”

Yeah alright man, but if you’re getting your clothes off with someone on the reg, you don’t wanna be running out for Doritos the second your boy stains the bed. According to Nerve, who do all kinds of fun testing with sexy stuff, weed lube won’t give you the munchies nor the giggles. You’ll just feel super chill. And you don’t even have to wreck your lungs to start vibin’. Also you can eat it, so maybe try washing it down with a nice cold cup of marijuana sizzurp? You’re in for a good time.

Unfortunately it only ships to California at the moment because for some reason weed is still illegal in most of the world. Do you forget sometimes? It just seems so normal now.


Henry Sapiecha

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