Poland Legalizes Medical Marijuana

Epilepsy, nausea caused by chemotherapy, chronic pain and symptoms of multiple sclerosis are among ailments that can be treated Polish pharmacists will be allowed to treat people with cannabis after the drug was legalised for medicinal purposes. Under new regulations that came into force in July 2017 cannabis from imported plants can be processed at Polish pharmacies – as long as it has been logged with the country’s Office for Registration of Medical Products. Pharmacists […]

The Next USA State To Legalize Pot Is A $1 Billion Market

Green is as good as gold in New Jersey. The state is set to legalize recreational pot early next year. o And by “early” I mean before the snow melts. The effort first got on track in June when State Senator Nicholas Scutari introduced a bill to legalize recreational marijuana in the Garden State. Of course, at the time, Chris Christie was governor. Christie wasn’t just a big, fat road block. He was a rabid […]

Enough Cocaine To Do A Line Across America Seized In Colombia shown in this video

Colombian police just managed a 13-ton cocaine bust. That’s enough cocaine to do a line from New York to California. It’s the biggest drug bust in the country’s history. Police found the cocaine stored underground on four banana farms near the Panama border, with an estimated U.S. market value of $360 million. Four people were arrested during the three-day operation. The drug seizure was laid out in plastic-wrapped bundles, and covered an area nearly the […]

Raw hemp brownies could be soon be served in a cafe near you

Raw hemp brownies, anyone? That product could turn up on your local cafe menu from mid-November 2017 following a change in hemp food legislation in Australia Skye Patterson, co-founder of Australian Primary Hemp. Photo: Supplied In April this year, state and federal ministers decided to allow low-tetrahydrocannabinol hemp seeds to be sold as food. And entrepreneurs are eyeing the growing opportunities for the use of hemp in the healthy food space. Australian Primary Hemp co-founder Skye Patterson says the hype around the hemp industry […]

Canadian Isabelle Lagace jailed in Australia for smuggling 30kg of cocaine on Sea Princess cruise ship

There are not many 51-day holiday cruises that end with almost five years in an Australian prison. But for Isabelle Lagace, the unhappy ending became all too real on Friday, when she was sentenced for importing almost 30 kilograms of pure cocaine with a street value of up to $21.5 million. www.crimefiles.net Isabelle Lagace agreed to transport a suitcase, which contained the drugs, to Australia to clear a $20,000 debt.  On Friday, the NSW District […]

DRUG OVERDOSE: 42 killed by drugs in Hervey Bay Qld region 2011 to 2015

Over 40 persons have died from hard drug overdoses which is almost 80% higher than the national average for that period. The Penington Institute’s Australia’s Annual Overdose Report 2017 has revealed the extent of drug overdoses since 2011. Detailed analysis of the report shows that locally 42 people died from an overdose in Hervey Bay Qld area between 2011 and 2015. According to John Ryan, CEO of Penington Institute, the numbers show that overdose is […]

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte orders police to kill eldest son if hard drugs involvement ‘rumours’ are true

Bangkok: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte says he has ordered police to kill his eldest son if they can prove he is involved in smuggling or drug trafficking. “My orders are to kill you if you are caught, and I will protect the police who kill you,” Mr Duterte said he told his 42-year-old son Paolo Duterte, the vice mayor of the family’s southern home city of Davao. Paolo, who is known as Pulong, was accused of […]

Tobacco Production Quantity by Country shown in Global Map

  This chart shows Tobacco Production Quantity by Country. Tobacco is a product prepared from the leaves of the tobacco plant by curing them. The plant is part of the genus Nicotiana and of the Solanaceae  family. While more than 70 species of tobacco are known, the chief commercial crop is N. tabacum. The more potent variant N. rustica is also used around the world. Tobacco contains the alkaloid nicotine, which is a stimulant. Dried […]

Meth, coke and oil: A drug bonanza in the Texas shale patch USA.

MIDLAND, Texas (Reuters) – When Joe Forsythe returned to the West Texas oilfields last year after a stint in a drug rehab facility, he figured he had beaten his addiction to methamphetamine. The 32-year-old rig worker and equipment handler lasted about a year before relapsing. “It’s easy to get back into that mentality,” said Forsythe, of Midland, Texas, who said he no longer uses drugs after several stints in rehab since 2015. “I’d work 24 […]

16 Health Benefits of Eating Cannabis (No.10 seems to have great value)

Weed can be a superfood if you can make it into an edible one. It was used for psychoactive agents as it has the power to treat gout and malaria. At this point, this unique plant provides the great chemical compounds such as vitamins, essential oils, and acids. Moreover, it has a high level of cannabinoid compounds  which have a role in promoting basic cell functions. **This article was taken from an Indian source espousing […]

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